Canadian rapper Belly debuted his fresh new track, "Consuela," on Beats 1 Wednesday. The song finds him rolling with Young Thug and Zack for an energized assist on the horn-heavy, latina laced track. "I think I'm falling for consuela," he spits as the brash beat drops, elevating the entire song to an incredible new level.

"It goes back to my ideology when it comes to making great music. You gotta create music with your friends. You gotta create music with people that you feel a vibe with," Belly told Zane. "I've been blessed to spend a lot of time in the studio and figure out the formula. So, I just enjoy it when I can do something like that with my friends."

From there, the XO affiliate said he is pretty much always in the studio creating, writing, and producing. He added that he feels large inspiration. "First of all, I'm Middle Eastern, so there's a lot of struggle to talk about coming from where I come from. I felt like hip-hop for me was the greatest platform to use. It just felt like a very rebellious platform. For what I wanted to say, it felt like I could go against the grain and use hip-hop to do that."

Even better, we should get to hear the product from those studio sessions too with Belly confirming that Inzombia will be dropping any day now. "It's a collection of work that I did. In this music thing, a lot of people don't understand that there's personal things that are going on too. Although this was my biggest year musically, a lot of crazy things happened to me and I felt like I needed a whole body of work to just get it out there and explain my feelings and my side of the story."

Belly later confirmed on Twitter that his new project, Inzombia, will be arriving Nov. 11 and shared the tracklist. The 11 songs include guest features from Future, Jadakiss, Ty Dolla Sign, and Ashanti. He also shared a second track titled "The Day I Met You," which you can stream now on Spotify.

It seemed like the Beats 1 host was well aware of the sentiment across the U.S. on the day after election day writing simply "Music" to his followers on Twitters. He later added, "Music will find you tho."

Take a cue from Zane and listen to Belly's incredible new song "Consuela" below. Also stay on the look out for Inzombia to arrive Friday.