The Reddit detectives are at it again. This time, a user named bloomdoom2 unearthed the old YouTube channel of Brooklyn rapper Young M.A. It only features three videos—with just a few thousand views each—and they were all posted about four years ago under the name Kat Kasanova. The videos find Young M.A. getting candid about relationships and being a lesbian.

In a video appropriately titled "Lesbians," M.A. goes in on girls who think it's cool to pretend to be into other girls for attention. "All y'all fake lesbians out there, it's not cool. It's really not. It's not a trend. Listen, you ain't gay until you eat pussy, vagina. Yep, you damn right I said it," she says.

She also calls out girls who want her to use a strap-on too much. "Now any lesbian girl that likes the strap a little too much, something ain't right," she cracks. "They really want the dick. They using you for the rubber."

"Y'all dudes better get it together," she continues. "These girls is turning out like that...Come on, son, not to be cocky or nothing, but when they see something pretty like this, they be like 'Damn.'"

It's strange to get a look at what Young M.A. was like a couple years before she started getting name-dropped by Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé, but it's actually heartening to see that she really hasn't changed all that much. She still keeps it real, and she's still open and honest about who she is.

You can check out all of Young M.A.'s videos as Kat Kasanova above.