While Frank Ocean may not be winning a Grammy anytime soon, he got a different honor on Tuesday night when he was invited to President Obama's final White House State Dinner. While entering the gala, Ocean gave the assembled press corps a surprise—his first interview in years.

The minute-and-a-half-long Q&A, which you can see above, features Ocean responding to questions about his footwear and whether he would support Hillary Clinton's campaign. Ocean wore checkered Vans to the event, which the reporter interviewing him noticed immediately. When asked why he chose such casual shoes, he said, "Probably because it’s my first time here," before admitting that he actually hadn't put that much thought into it. "You can’t think. You just have to do things," the singer said. Ocean, who took his mother Katonya Breaux to the event, was asked if he ever envisioned himself attending a State Dinner. "No, I didn't," he admitted. "I think that explains the Vans."

Ocean was also asked if he would be doing any benefit concerts for Hillary Clinton. Ocean, who has not performed live since 2014, seemed a little surprised at the question. "Concerts?" he asked. "Probably not."