T.I. has been outspoken against Donald Trump and the rapper doesn't hold anything back in his recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45's Whoolywood Shuffle as Tip compares the Republican presidential nominee to a few villainous pop culture figures. At first, T.I. says Trump is one of Dr. Evil’s hairless cats hiding under the skin.

Without missing a beat, he then likens Trump to Jabba the Hutt. "What's the big blob motherfucker in Star Wars? He looks like a big pile of shit." When DJ Whoo Kid name checks the famous Star Wars villain, T.I. continues, "Yeah with that little bitty arms. Yeah, that's what this motherfucker look like."

T.I. went on to share a message about voting this upcoming election. "Not voting is like voting for Trump and I just can't go for that one," he says. "If you can't think about doing what's best for the country, well, think about what's worse for the country and then just go against that. You got to to do something. Doing nothing should not be a call to action ever."

He also touches on the current relationship between black people and police officers in their communities. "It's the way the travesties are handled, because of course in any society you're going to have legal mishaps," notes T.I. before discussing the troubling part of it all. "It's almost as though no one even considers the thought of accountability. It’s almost like, 'Yeah, what are you gonna expect? Of course he's gonna get off. It's a black guy and a cop.' It's just complete disregard for basic human rights."

The rapper has never been one to be quiet about his beliefs and has been outspoken about the current problems plaguing America from calling out Floyd Mayweather for his "socially irresponsible" comments about "All Lives Matter" to joining the discussion through his politically charged Us or Else EP. Watch T.I.'s interview above and read everything T.I. had to say to Complex about his recent project and protest rap right here.