Spotify previously announced that video was going to become a bigger part of their platform and now the streaming service is launching an original series titled Flash Frame.

Each episode of Flash Frame will center around one artist's career by highlighting their biggest moments, offering a nostalgia-influenced trip down memory lane to give artists' fans on Spotify—the people that listen and follow each performer—unprecedented access to participate in the artist's upcoming music video. As Spotify describes it, performance footage of a song from the show is combined with "original content commissioned by Spotify from world-class video producers, artists, and animators to create a unique new music video," starring the artist and their biggest fans.

The first episode is with Blink-182 and celebrates the recent release of Blink-182's California that knocked Drake's Views from the top to become No. 1. Spotify has produced a brand new music video for the band's latest single, "She's Out of Her Mind" featuring actor and comedian Adam DeVine along with social media stars Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking, and Vale Genta as a modern-day recreation of the band's iconic visual for "What's My Age Again?" 

The whole thing is cut with shots of the band performing their new single.

The rest of the episode focuses on different parts of Blink-182's career through five chapters that include the band performing "Bored to Death" for a room of fans, discussing their new album after a five-year hiatus with Spotify's resident rock curator, a performance of their classic "Miss You," a Q&A with fans, and a segment where the band tells untold stories behind some of their biggest music videos, including "What's My Age Again?"

Watch the new video for "She's Out of Her Mind" above and be sure to check out the rest of Spotify's Flash Frame episode starring Blink-182 right here.