Ken Bone’s winning streak continues.

During Sunday night’s presidential debate, the 34-year-old undecided voter walked his way into America’s heart—and it wasn’t because of his question on energy policy, it was because of his swaggy sartorial choice. Yup, Bone stole the show with his bright red sweater, which has since led to countless Internet memes, national news interviews, and even an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. But all of that seems miniscule compared to the shout-out he received from Snoop Dogg.

On Tuesday afternoon, the rapper/famed pothead who will be headlining night two of ComplexCon posted a tweet complimenting Bone on his sweater choice, before suggesting he get one in blue. Snoop then invited the Illinois resident to his house to get high. This pretty much solidifies Bone as an American legend.

The thought of a Snoop-Bone smoke session is almost too much to handle, but we’re crossing our fingers he accepts Snoop’s invitation. Perhaps the rapper can convince Bone to give his support to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who was endorsed by Snoop earlier this year.

"You know I like to be politically correct, but sometimes I’m politically incorrect," Snoop said during a May 15 appearance on Watch What Happens Live. "But I’ll say that I would love to see a woman in office because I feel like we’re at that stage in life to where we need a perspective other than the male’s train of thought. And just to have a woman speaking from a global perspective as far as representing America, I’d love to see that. So I’ll be voting for Ms. Clinton." 

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