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During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump hasn't managed to rack up the widest breadth of notable endorsees. There's been the former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani; the former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich; the Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie; 1970s television actor Scott Baio; and 1990s television actor Anthony Sabato Jr. That's been his A-Team, but there could be a hugely noteworthy addition to the Trump bandwagon in the not-too-distant future.

Puff Daddy recently made an appearance at Macy’s 34th Street flagship store in New York City to promote his new Sean John cologne when the subject of "The Donald" was brought up. Puff called Trump "a friend of mine," adding that he "always liked Donald’s style." Then he mentioned that Trump once gifted him a tie, which he revealed he still wears on occasion. When asked whether he'd considered voting for the bombastic New York hotelier, Puff was noncommittal. "As far as voting for him, that has yet to be seen,” he said.

It's neither a ringing endorsement nor a condemnation, which is frankly surprising. Over the past two years, the greater majority of the rap community has kept Trump at arm's length, mainly stemming from the Republican nominee's racist tendencies. YG scored a notable hit recently with his song "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)," while others have been applauded for speaking out about what kind of disaster his election might bring upon the country.

It's clear @realdonaldtrump been racist..saying our "African American president" it's plain to see! We won't miss u when u perish!

— Meek Mill (@MeekMill) April 28, 2015

I wonder how many hardworking Mexicans built those #trumptowers #patheticman!!!!

— Waka Flocka (@WakaFlocka) July 5, 2015

We don't need @DonaldTrump representing us as americans. His hatred in his most recent statements shows he's not a legitimate candidate.

— Young Jeezy (@Jeezy) July 20, 2015

.@DonaldJTrumpJr I think they were protesting your racist father. This isn't complicated.

— John Legend (@johnlegend) March 12, 2016

We'll have to wait and see where Puffy lands come November.