Comparisons to Isaiah Rashad and Thundercat are solid indicators of Louis VI's sound, but this is a small part of his sound. Despite the West Coast leanings and trappy moments, "Outroneous" presents us with a rapper whose tastes are wide and far-reaching. Jazz, conscious hip-hop and even gospel all trickle into Louis VI's music. Lyrically, his flow is densely-packed and without many comparisons. In the past he's talked about depression, identity and the energy crisis. Here, on "Outroneous", he's celebrating the beginning of a new chapter, the "outro to the intro" as he puts it. Similarly, the video was shot on 16mm film (by director and cinematographer Karol Jurga) rather than digital for a hazy, almost dream-like effect, as we drift through various parts of London, leaving the past behind and looking forward to the next chapter in Louis VI's career and the new album Lonely Road Of The Dreamer.

"Outroneous" is taken from Lonely Road Of The Dreamer, due Oct. 30.

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