Montréal has spent this past year riding on a wave of excellent new music. From the entrancing vocals of Charlotte Cardin, to the Polaris Prize-winning maestro, Kaytranada​, the city is brewing undeniable talent right now. A substantial part of its recent success, is due to its incredible pool of producers. One of city's more enigmatic and relatively new players, is SORENA. The mysterious producer has worked closely with one of our favourite newcomers, CJ Flemings, and is now embarking on his own solo career. Stepping away from the commanding 808s of his previous work, SORENA delivers the ​retrofuturism, with his debut single.

SORENA's first offering is the rolling, 80s-inspired, "JANÖ". The track utilizes darkly synthetic keys and snares, and lives in the same sonic palette of French mainstay, Kavinksy. "JANÖ" boasts a looming and airy bassline, which directs the listener through a tunnel of sound. The song is as eerie as it is beautiful. Speaking with Complex CA, SORENA says that this single has been a long time coming. "I've been making music under the radar for years unbeknownst to anyone and now, I feel, is the time for me to share. JANÖ is the first of what's manifested from my late nights spent in the studio making music".

You can stream the premiere of "JANÖ" below, via Soundcloud.