Calgary synthpop outfit, Beach Season, has had an exciting couple of months. The band recently put out their trippy single, "Tribes", landing them on the Spotify charts. Their balance of R&B smoothness, and glitzy electronica, also grabbed the attention of Universal Music. The major label snatched them up, making the group their latest signees. Now, in celebration of their recent success, the band is releasing a new version of one of their essential cuts, "Midnights". Complex CA has the premiere of the song, and were also able to chat with the group. You can read the interview below, and stream the song via UMC.

How did Beach Season Come about? Have you two been making music together for a while now?
We have been making music together for years and Beach Season is just the latest installment of our creative endeavors. 
You guys decided to remaster and revamp "Midnights" for our ears. What was the decision behind the rerelease?
UMC took notice after this track came out a couple years ago, the intent with signing to them was to re-release this song properly to spear head our project with them. 
I was doing a bit of digging on your Instagram, and I audibly laughed at the term "Booty Wave Attire". For the readers, explain the term and the look.
Booty Wave was just a genre tag that we put on our songs for SoundCloud. Eventually interviewers and friends kept asking about it and it slowly just became a thing on it's own. So I guess at the root of it all it's the genre we made for ourselves. We also partnered with our friend Andy at 6Streets to come up with some merch ideas and we made a little booty wave logo to put on some of the pieces. 
Your sound is really ambient, yet it's very melodically-driven at the same time. Who (or what) are your inspirations?
We probably have too many musical inspirations to count, many from when we were growing up and discovering music, and others from when we were finding our own place in the musical universe. Some of these are acts such as Toro Y Moi, Passion Pit, Queen, and Shigeto. Besides music, travel is what inspires us most. The more places we can see and experience, the more our creative sides are nurtured. 
There's a ton of great electro pop coming out of Canada right now, with acts like Grimes, Humans, and Purity Ring, just to name a few. What is it about that synth/electronic sound that has fans and musicians are gravitating towards it?
It's a very accessible sound in our opinion, when someone says "synth/electronic" it can really span through multitudes of genre and appeal to almost anyone. That being said, people can also make really weird music under that umbrella term and get away with some unique/different ideas that you might not hear in any other sonic community. As a musician, it's so easy to pick up a laptop and make electronic music these days, so why not? 
Universal Music just scooped you two up! How is that feeling? Does this mean that there's a project in the works?
It's been amazing so far. We've been talking with Universal for the better part of a year now, so it's good to finally be able to tell the world about our relationship. We are releasing a 6 track  EP titled Libra Year, look out for that early this November!
What can we expect from Beach Season in the remainder of the year? Can we catch you performing live?
Alongside our EP release, we will be having two release parties where we'll perform live. Once in our hometown Calgary on November 9th, and another in Toronto on November 10th. We also have our first music video set to release early November, so it will be a busy month for us!