Meek Mill on Waking Up Next to Nicki Minaj: 'Man, This Sh*t Has Gotta Be a Dream'

Meek Mill opened up about his relationship with Nicki Minaj in a new interview.

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In the newest episode of Noisey Raps, Meek Mill opened up about what it's really like waking up next to Nicki Minaj by his side.

"I always seen it like this. I always seen it like me having one of the top hustling, prettiest girls in the game," he said. Clearly life lived up to the dream he always had in mind considering his longtime relationship with Nicki. "I wake up in my bed and I just look at Nicki like, 'Man, this shit has gotta be a dream because we used to dream all this shit and it's just going on right now."

It's understandable why he was drawn to Nicki in the first place considering the qualities he always wanted in his ideal girl. "She'll understand me. Somebody that hustle. You know what I'm saying? Somebody that's aggressive. These are things I like." According to Meek, these are qualities he always saw and praised Nicki for even before they were together.

Meek has gone through some issues in the past couple years, including his beef with Drake, his probation violation, subsequent house arrest, and his recent beef with The Game, and Nicki has stuck by him and supported him through it all.

Meek's interview with Noisey Raps also covered his love of dirt bike riding, the way the sport brought his community together, and how the loss of his father at a young age motivated him to provide a good life for his son. Watch the full interview above.

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