Jeezy stopped by The Breakfast Club Wednesday morning, and he took some time to clarify his recent statements comparing Donald Trump and 2pac on Taxstone's Tax Season podcast. He first questioned whether his detractors had actually listened to what he said. "Did your ignorant ass listen to the whole interview?" he asked. "And that's what I hate about my people, black people, we just take whatever and run with it."

Jeezy went on to explain that he simply meant Trump was a big deal. "I was saying that he's the hottest person in politics, and had he dropped an album right now, he'd go diamond like 2pac did because he's the hottest person in what he's doing," he said. "He's everywhere, like you can't turn on the TV and not see this dude. And he really don't give a fuck."

According to Jeezy, Republicans like Trump because he's more exciting than their typical presidential candidates. "For the Republican Party, they're boring. They're like old people that just count they money. He's giving them something they never had. He's giving them excitement," Jeezy said. "He's rebellious. This man called Hillary Clinton the devil, I wouldn't call my auntie that," he laughed.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jeezy discussed his upcoming album Trap or Die 3, getting locked up, and trying to avoid being too preachy with his music while still allowing himself to evolve as an artist. You can check out his entire interview with The Breakfast Club crew in the video above.

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