A long-held complaint from grime fans towards Apple's iTunes has been its awkward categorising of artists from the genre. Without a recognised section for the scene, MCs and producers have had to contend with being scattered around a far-reaching array of categories, including Electronic, Dance and most commonly Hip-Hop/Rap. Now, amidst the latest iOS 10 update—which promises to be their biggest and most dynamic one yet—in fairness, where music is concerned, there seems to have been a multitude of minor but necessary tweaks made right the way through the operating system.

With iOS 10, Apple Music now boasts a number of smart updates, combining cleaner layout functions with more intelligent, tailored suggestions. Online store iTunes also follows suit, taking on board the growth and development of several genres, with its UK store updating to include grime as a sub-section with the Hip-Hop/Rap genre page.

Within the grime section, you can find a list of features, including new releases from Stormzy and Capo Lee and a section for bestsellerscarrying leading LPs of this year from Kano and Skepta. Whilst not wanting to delve too deeply into the debate between grime and its direct links (or lack of) with hip-hop, this should nonetheless be seen as sign of greater relevance and respect shown towards this still quite infant scene.