French Montana sadly scrapped his MC4 album, but the rapper comes through today with a new track featuring the late Coke Boys Record alum, Chinx, and his longtime friend and collaborator, Max B.

Produced by Harry Fraud, Alchemist and Masar, the whole track features French dropping rapping some heartfelt lines about his two featured friends, Chinx, who was tragically killed in a drive-by shooting, and Max B, who sentenced to 75 years in prison back in 2009. "Sometimes life hurt more than death homie/Locked up Max, took Chinx, I'm last one left homie," raps French.

Fortunately, French got some much needed good news in September when he confirmed that Max B would be getting out of prison. "The earliest he can be out is two years; the latest is six to seven," he told Complex before revealing that he already has a plan for when he gets out. "[When he gets out] I think me and him are going to partner up with our own label. He's the illest when it comes to names, so I'm waiting for him [to choose a name for the label]. That's the Silver Surfer."

Between verses, Chinx can be heard on a recording letting him know that he's blessed while Max B's mother closes out the track with a prayer where she asks "to bring Karim, aka French Montana, and Charlie aka Max B. Bring them both to the altar."

Ahead of his scheduled appearance at the first-ever ComplexCon, French recently spoke with Complex to break down exactly what happened with MC4. "Songs like 'I'm Heated' and 'Two Times' couldn't be cleared. By the time I got the mix how I recorded it, it wasn't the same. I just ain't have the same feeling for it. Everybody had to replay shit, and do all this extra shit, so I wasn't in the mood to put it together. All the music going to come out, you know what I'm saying, just packaged differently. Plus, the album got leaked."

Although the decision was admitted a hard one for the rapper, French revealed that he has been working on new music and is "like 70 percent done" with his next project. This time, though, he is keeping the details under wraps under the clearances are through so that he can drop it when it's ready and avoid another unfortunate leak.

French might be disappointed with scrapping MC4, but "Paid For" is a clear reminder that the rapper has plenty left to say on his future projects. Listen to the track below and do not miss French when he takes the stage at ComplexCon this November. Grab your tickets here.

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