Japan's links with grime are nothing new. Ever since the very early days, grime producers have been saluting Japan and its culture—​Blacks loudly proclaimed his love for "Grime In Japan"; Elijah & Skilliam's Butterz crew have been traveling out there for years to collaborate and shout out the local talent; and the use of video games and pentatonic scales in grime (that "eastern-sounding" element) is one of its defining characteristics. And we need hardly mention Skepta's album launch, the same album he called Konnichiwa. So it's about time some serious attention was paid to the Japanese grime scene. 

To that end, the Boiler Room team jetted out there to link up with local talents Pakin (who worked with Butterz on the Japanese Grime Allstars set, and who is also a member of Birmingham's Dark Elements crew), Pretty BwoyChocola B, ONJUICY, Sakana, and Snow. Though the latter two come from more of a hip-hop background, their passion and devotion to grime is undeniable.

If you're looking to scope out more of the Japanese grime scene—and we really recommend doing so—watch this doc for a profile on some of the key players and how their own pop culture references like J-Pop and anime are adding a new dimension to the sound. Then start digging into the work Elijah & Skilliam and others have done out there. You'll be hooked before you know it.