What Young Thug did to Meek Mill's "Offended" is offensive. The Atlanta rapper's words are sometimes hard to follow because of his unpredictable cadences, but he always comes through with funny and creative one-liners that get stuck in our heads. This time Thugger showed out for an entire verse and, in the process, made this song his own. When he sings "We young and rich, and we dangerous," an angel gets its wings. And just try not to chuckle when he feverishly yells, "suck it up, suck it up!" after the "suck my dick till it tickle me" line.

And for honorable mentions, 21 Savage came through with a Verse of the Month contender with his contribution on the same track, Beanie was the early favorite for the last half of his Meek Mill diss on "Goodnight," and Gucci made things interesting with the bars he laid down on 2 Chainz's new banger "Good Drank."

But, after listening to him steal the show on the DC4, it was clear that Thug won October's best verse. We're including the chorus, too, because, sheesh! He floated right into his part of the song so seamlessly that we didn't realize it was a chorus until Meek finished rapping.

"Fuck is you talking 'bout? Bitch you offended me
I just might go 'head and let this lil bitch suck my dick till it tickle me
I just might go 'head and mix me a Sprite with some lean like it's chemistry
God damn, I have a whole xan one time they was drilling me
I heard the lil boy was plotting on killing me
Fuck round and lift up they soul like Lil Chino be wheelyin'
I usually don't bet but I don't want the ceiling please
Oxycontin fucking up my kidneys
Molly in my cup look like bath salt
And I'm too high horsey for asphalt
Therefore I'm in clouds from day to dark
They say that I changed, it's the cash fault
Pay everybody like a cash cow
I switch through the lanes like a NASCAR
The Rollie stainless, stainless
We young and rich and we dangerous
I'm at Piccadilly's with your misses nigga
And the weed stinking like a chitlin, nigga
Bend the money down like a Phillie, nigga
Make me catch you slipping then killin', nigga
The bulletproof can take a missile, nigga
I got Benji with me and he crippin', nigga
I done wrecked the Bentley in the city, ho
I done wrecked the Bentley in the bity, nigga
Put a swimming pool in the living room
How I'm living, nigga, I ain't swimmin', nigga
Only thing that me and Michael Phelps got in common that we winnin', nigga
Rock star lifestyle
Your hoes going wild"

If you still think Young Thug can't rap, please see the Wizard because you have no heart. Jeff says everything from his chest. As the great MF DOOM once said, "He's got more soul than a sock full of holes."