Beanie Sigel returns to The Breakfast Club to discuss everything that’s transpired so far. He confronts Charlamagne the God numerous times about playing too many games and being unqualified to speak on street-related topics. It’s tense at times, but Charlamagne stands his ground.

The conversation moves on to his involvement in “OOOUUU,” and Beans again says that he wrote parts of Meek and Omelly’s verses, but says he was never supposed to be featured on the track. Omelly quickly responds on Instagram, calling him a fraud.

Charlamagne and Envy bring up the the Bad Boy Reunion show in Philly. Of Teefy Bey, who allegedly punched him, Beans says, “It’s sticky now because it’s close. It’s family. We talking cousins married to cousins and brothers married to cousins. It ain’t like this is one of Meek’s goons. This is family.”

Later, Charlamagne asks Sigel what he wants to accomplish with this feud. Beans says he wants to teach him some lessons.

“That’s been our conversation prior to all this,” he says. “You go through the thread on my phone, and you can see my conversations [with him]. Through all of this—just giving the knowledge. ‘Yo, don’t make the mistakes that I did.’ Boss up.”

Charlamagne asks what Beanie would do if Meek were to call him to squash the beef Beans says, “We’ll see. I might not pick that call up, but we’ll see. That would be the better move, that’ll be the smarter move for me. I don’t want to walk a track in somebody’s prison for the rest of my life. So that would be what Beanie Sigel would do. It got what Mack want to do, but what Beanie Sigel want to do?”