Action Bronson is back with a video for his new song "Durag vs Headband," and it's as outlandish as you would expect. After driving in and crashing into a giant nest of eggs, Bronson and Big Body Bes get out of the car and proceed to smash the eggs with an axe. Blunt in hand, Bronson mounts a horse, shoots off guns, and stunts in front of high-end cars.

"Big beard like I'm lumberjacking/Mash the peddal of that 850 sound like the thunder cracking/I'm in the club with a condom on/Or Under Armour on/And when I die make sure you spread my blood on a BMW," he raps. "Microphone attached to my head so I can dance my little heart out/Don't make me bring the white guitar out/Like the one in Wayne's World/That was shining in the window/Since 13 I've been a nympho."

"Durag vs Headband" boasts production from Knxwledge, with a video directed by Tom Gould. It's been pretty quiet musically for Action Bronson recently, as he's been more focused on doing work for his TV shows. He promised that his Blue Chips 7000 mixtape would be on its way soon earlier this year, but there hasn't been any sign of it so far. With "Durag vs Headband" out, maybe that's about to change. Alternatively, Bronson could be readying his sophomore album to follow Mr. Wonderful, which came out in early 2015.

You can watch Action Bronson and Big Body Bes' "Durag vs Headband" video above, purchase the single on iTunes here, and stream the song below.