Joe Budden stopped by the Complex office Tuesday afternoon to talk his new album, Rage & the Machine, with Complex for our weekly Facebook live chat.

If you remember, it was just a couple of weeks ago that Budden linked up with Complex News' to commemorate the new project by jumping out of plane. After they jumped, he announced the album's October 21 release date and revealed plans to follow it up with a sequel in a few months.

After reminiscing about Budden's first time skydiving, which he called "peaceful and serene" and something that was on his bucket list,—the conversation immediately shifted to Budden's music, and specificallyy, his freshly released track, "By Law," featuring Jazzy. 

"It almost sounds like like an entirely different genre of music," Budden explained before noting how AraabMUZIK added to the whole thing with his production. "Araab was just so talented. I really let his template guide the way... I was blown away by how different it was."

It should be noted that Budden recruited Araab to do the whole album after staying connected with him the past few years. "I'm not angry. Rage more so was like a culmination of everything that I had endured and experienced and felt and learned from point A in my career up until now. It's not always such a gratifying feeling, so that's where rage comes from," Budden noted before adding that "it;s probably one of my more fun projects."

The conversation later shifted to current shows everyone is watching, when Budden shouting out 50 Cent's Power before admitting he thought Donald Glover's Atlanta was wack the first time he watched it since he was so tired. Thankfully, he watched it again and was into it. He also "loved everything about Stranger Things from beginning to end."

Watch their whole conversation above and pre-order Rage & the Machine now on iTunes before it drops October 21.