Pandas are no longer listed as an endangered species, according to the WWF, and the internet is collectively thanking Desiigner.

After hearing the news, many took to social media to personally thank the "Panda" rapper for helping the species. "Gotta thank @LifeofDesiigner," Genius' Rob Markman tweeted while others simply wrote "desiigner did this." For its part, the WWF even went on record to thank Desiigner for retweeting their posts about the incredible news.

A report published Sunday by the WWF shared the good news, alerting the public that the once endangered giant panda is no longer facing extinction and has been downgraded from "endangered" to "vulnerable" after an effort was made to conserve and help recover the species. There has been a 17 percent rise in the population in the last decade as of 2014.

It seems like the only appropriate way to celebrate is to rewatch this video of Desiigner's performance "Panda" featuring actual pandas