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Hip-hop trio Swet Shop Boys (aka former Das Racist rapper Heems, actor and rapper Riz MC, and producer Redinho) are edging ever closer to the release of their debut album Cashmere (due Oct. 14 via Customs). We've already been treated to "Tiger Hologram", "Shottin" and "Zayn Malik", and now it's time for the album's fourth single "T5" to drop. Accompanied by a dystopian sci-fi video, "T5" is a deeply political track—hardly surprising given Riz MC (aka Riz Ahmed)'s well-documented political nous. Directed by Sofian Khan, the well-shot visuals spotlight the degrading and dehumanising searches and interrogations most people of colourparticularly those of Asian or Middle Eastern backgroundsundergo at airports, as well as taking aim at the frightening upsurge in right-wing rhetoric and xenophobic politics played out in the #Brexit campaign and Donald Trump's current bid for presidency. Watch it above.