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Vanessa White is giving us pure R&B seduction on her newest joint "Low Key". Insatiable and so damn catchy, this sexy little number is the fresh solo offering from the distinctively-delectable Philippino shorty, who initially found fame performing alongside her musical all-girl outfit The Saturdays. Taking a break from the more commercial realms of previous endeavours, the slow winding cut features a verse from U.S rapper Illa J, aka the younger brother of the late, great producer J Dilla. Produced by talented, polish producer Chloe Martini, the two women come together perfectly on record to fuse an electrically intimate track which speaks about independence and the excitement of fresh passion.

Taken from her second solo EP, Chapter Two, due out later this year, producers and fashion glossies are fighting each other to feature this beauty on their beats and pages. Talking about her newly established creative independence, Vanessa explained how excited she is to take on the industry as a solo artist, feeling stronger than ever: "I was only 16 when I started my career and in the last few years I've discovered who I am and the music I want to make. It's been a challenge fighting industry perceptions but now I'm getting better at saying, 'Fuck it! This is the real me, so you can take it or leave it.' At the end of the day, it’s about the music and I want to connect with people that love R&B and this sound."

Stream "Low Key" below.