Two Melbourne artists have collided for this airy, best-of-both-worlds collaboration between former high-school rivals HTML Flowers and Oscar Key Sung, called "My Clique".

Rapid-fire electronic key strokes underpin the minimalist beat, providing a pillowy landing for HTML's stream of consciousness bars about survival, love, and protecting your friends. A set of cloudy synth pads follow to flash-freeze the song to maximum chill, and OKS brings an additional cool breeze flow to the chorus too. In the latter half, some tinkering percussion and a deep, driving kick slowly slide their way into the track to lock in a undeniable, head-nodding groove.

The video itself takes place in some familiar suburban settings, switching between HD and VHS aesthetics to pull the viewer back and forth between the nostalgic imagery and the futuristic feel of the song. The track seems like an essential addition to your spring-to-summer playlist, so make sure you check out the video for yourself above.