Myniakal is a Toronto artist that casts a wide net. His SoundCloud is occupied by both aggressive bravado and somber crooning. It's not that he's still figuring out his sound, but rather he's embracing both avenues. It works well for the rapper, and allows him to contribute to the growing Toronto scene in a very Toronto way. Now, Myniakal adds to his growing playlist, with the new single "Midnight Streetlight". The song is a trap-flavoured ballad, that sees warbly vocals weave in and out of guitar licks and stammering snares. The production was handled by frequent collaborator, GoldSoul.

Speaking with Complex CA via email, Myniakal speaks on his inspiration for the piece. "'Midnight Streetlight' is about me getting kicked out of my house and being homeless for a little bit. At the time, I had just broken up with this girl I had been involved with for about a year (she is a reoccurring figure on my album). I had gotten kicked out so I was kind of ass out. The only thing I could really do, was embrace the loneliness and hopelessness that I felt, and live as much I could during late nights. It was like my therapy."

You can stream the premiere of "Midnight Streetlight" below, via SoundCloud.