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Radio DJ Kenny Allstar has put together a lyrical rally that most grime stans will want to hear. Over Danny Yen's shuddering, orchestral-tinged production, it's skippy flows abound as spitters Big Zuu, President TJammz and Izzie Gibbs offer up some of their hungriest rhyme schemes to date. In an email to Complex, Allstar said that he "really wanted a track that could bring back that original grime feel where you used to get a bunch of MCs on one track sounding like they're trying to outdo each other. My first choice was Prez T, as I wanted someone that came from the root of the sound, as well as him being one of my favourite MCs I grew up on. From there, I pulled in Jammz, Big Zuu and Izzie Gibbs to bring that new gen energy which represents the bright future of grime."

Stream "Are You Listening?" after the jump.

UPDATE (Oct. 6): The official video has just landed.