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It seems when Jakyae was invited to feature on "CCTV", the most recent single from Mike Skinner's Tonga Balloon Gang, that he impressed Skinner since the latter has now remixed the former's latest single, "Pull Up", which is out right now. Originally released back in August, with a slick-but-gritty visual to boot, this track quickly turned heads, finding fans in Logan Sama, Charlie Sloth and, obviously, Mike Skinner, who ramps up the grimey elements of Bowzer Boss' original production for a chugging, bassy banger for the road. In Skinner's own words: "Jaykae is the guy right now. The whole Birmingham energy is so direct and unadorned, and there is nothing else like it in the club. It goes straight to the heart of the boys who want to feel invincible!"