Yesterday, 22 year old Collard dropped his latest EP, Clean Break. A stunning little release, think shimmering R&B beats, velvety bass and a vocal style somewhere between rapping, singing and spoken word. As soon as opener "Walls Of Jericho" hits, the tone of the EP is set: a sombre, deeply affecting EP, aided by the masterful production of Zach Nahome, whose confessional tone will stay with you for a long time. From there, we're taken though the touching woozy poetry of "Arrival", the heartbreaking pleas of "Burning Truth", and finally the conclusion of the relationship and the EP with all closure robbed from the situation, leaving only questions. If you've recently gone through a break-up, this will either help you enormously or make you burst into tears. Either way, this is a deeply, truly emotive EP that is not to be taken lightly.