Name-dropping Tupac and Kwame Nkrumah on the EP's first verse serves as an early signifier of the territory Awate resides in, and the following five tracks that make up new EP Shine Ancient, are ultimately a rewarding and empowering journey. Produced by Turkish Dcypha, it's a loose concept project tied into soul and funk sounds, but its lyrical weight is held by its autobiographical, self-aware exploration into the psyche of the man.

Winning four cases against the Metropolitan Police, yet and still, seeing similar or worse occurring to those around him is cited as inspiration for the EP, with "Fever" and "Cure" written and recorded straight after court battles. Set to tour with Lowkey throughout September, perhaps now is a better time than ever to acquaint yourself with the triumphant, defiant stylings of Awate. Shine Ancient is out everywhere digitally today, including the Apple Store, and you can stream it below.