Meek Mill's cousin Angelo "Lo" Colon was shot and killed in Philadelphia Tuesday night, according to NBC Philadelphia. He was reportedly shot outside a take-out restaurant. He was 21 years old.

"Damn Lo! Watching my family die to these philly streets! Probation is the only thing that got me tied to come coming back here so frequent!!" Meek wrote on Instagram. "My mission is to save my family from these streets and change the mindframe of all my lil cousins growing up in it!!!! #RIPLO hurt me to see you in this same spot lifeless!"

Later, Meek posted up the last text he received from his cousin reading, "stay on point out there." He also said that the city's penchant for violence makes it hard for him to tell others to leave their guns behind. "The moment you say 'put the gunz down' and try to do the best for yourself is when things never go right! That's why I have a hard time telling these young kids not to protect themselves in a environment surrounded by evil!"

News of Meek Mill's cousin's death comes after a tragic day for the city of Philadelphia that left five people dead after hours of violence, gun shots, and stabbings. According to the report, Philadelphia's homicide rate is currently up 11 percent from 2015 with 203 reported homicides so far in 2016.