Premiere: Lido Drops "Murder" Video, Shares Details on 'Everything' Album

Lido released his new song and video for "Murder" and spoke with Complex about his debut album 'Everything.'

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Next month, Lido will finally release his debut album Everything. The 23-year-old Norwegian talent previously described the project to Complex: "This story is not about a girl. This is a story because of a girl." 

Up until now Lido only shared "Crazy," and Thursday we get another taste of what's to come with the song and video for "Murder." Les Vandales is behind the graphics of the video, and while Lido himself doesn't show up in the visual, fans will recognize the patterns throughout that match his recent tour flyers.

Complex also spoke with Lido about "Murder," Everything, and collaborating with Jaden Smith on the album. Check out the Q&A below, as well as his upcoming tour dates. Tickets can be purchased here. Lido's Everything will be released Oct. 7.

This is the single cover for Lido's "Murder."

You previously told Complex that on Everything "there’s a story from the first song to the last song." What story is unfolding on "Murder?"
"Murder" is the beginning of the story and a good example of how the storytelling of the album works. It's the breakup, so there's a lot of tension and release in the song. The vocal is chopped to sound nervous and stuttering before the words finally come out in the second verse, followed by an emotional chaos of a "drop" when the breakup has happened and then the sad anti-climax of silence portrayed by a 80-piece orchestra we recorded in Norway.

You've been very selective about the songs you've released from Everything; only "Crazy" and "Murder are out. What was the reason behind sharing these two tracks from the project first?
They're both very important points in the story: "Murder" is the actual breakup, "Crazy" is the last desperate attempt before giving up. They're also good representations of the variation of influences in the album and how explosive and unpredictable it is, so I figured it would be a good way to introduce people to the album. 

You and Jaden Smith have incredible chemistry on this album. Can we expect more collaborations in the near future?
Jaden is my boy and an absolutely essential part of the story in more than one way. We've made a lot of really interesting songs together that I'm super excited about apart from his contributions on this album. I have no idea in what shape or form they'll be released, but I'm hoping they see the light of day soon. 

I got chills when the last voice on the album popped up. What do those lyrics represent in the grand scheme of the album's concept?
Hope. Light. A new voice. There's a lot of ways to interpret the last 20 seconds of the album, so I'd like to leave it up to the listener to decipher it, but the one thing that's undeniable about it is that it represents a change and a light in the end of the tunnel.

10/1 San Diego, CA - Crssd Festival 
11/2 San Francisco, CA - Herbst Thater 
11/4 Seattle, WA - Washington Hall
11/7 Vancouver, BC - Rio Theater, 
11/9 Los Angeles,  CA - Ave Theatre 
11/11 Boston, MA - Berklee Performance Center 
11/12 New York, NY - Apollo Theater  
11/15 Montreal, QC - Phill Center, 
11/16 Toronto, ON - The Great Hall, 
11/18 Chicago, IL - Lyric Opera House Grand Foyer 

9/22 Oslo, Norway - Jakobkirken  
9/23 Hamburg, Germany - Reeperbahn Festival 
9/27  Paris, France - Badaboum 
9/28 Amsterdam, Netherlands -Bitterzoet
9/29 London, United Kingdom - Internatonal Festival Forum (PRIVATE)  

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