Rising producer Sweater Beats holds nothing back on his remix of Imad Royal's "Bad 4 U" by taking the proper summer release and flipping it into a crisp, funk-riddled warbling floor-ready banger suited for the chiller months ahead.

The pair are fresh off their recent collaboration, "Better," which actually arrived in August as the first taste of Sweater Beats' forthcoming EP, For the Cold. "Imad is a good friend of mine and I've been a fan since before we ever met," Sweater Beats told Complex over email. "We're both from the DC area too. I always wanted to remix a song of his, and after he sang on my last single 'Better,' he asked me to remix 'Bad 4 U,' so I jumped at the chance. I grew up listening to bossa nova because of my dad so the song really struck a chord with me. I Hope everyone loves this remix as much as I love Royal."

For Imad's part, having his friend and collaborator whose work he was already familiar with and a fan of felt like a no brainer. "My dude Sweaters is super creative, I was so stoked when I heard his interpretation of 'Bad 4 U.' He knows how to tastefully blend a lot of musical elements and make it his own thing and I think that made his version of 'Bad 4 U' extra exciting to listen to."

Along with his new record, Sweater Beats also recently announced the For The Cold Tour that kicks off in late October and will see him hit 31 cities including L.A., Atlanta, Chicago, and Seattle. Check out the full list of dates below and grab tickets on his website. You can also keep up with Imad on his official website right here.

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