After telling a crowd in Oakland, Ca. during a Friday performance that he dislikes Donald Trump, the Los Angeles producer Flying Lotus said he "couldn't possibly vote for a woman who doesn't give an awesome blowjob." It was a below-the-belt comment referencing the Monica Lewinsky scandal that colored President Bill Clinton's time in the White House.

Concert-goers were outraged, noting that the comments weren't going to help Flying Lotus diversify his crowd, which was mostly male.

A reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle grabbed a video of the rant, which you can watch below.

Many left the show and expressed their anger on Twitter following the rant:

The distasteful comment was not, by far, the only sexist remark lobbed at Clinton throughout the campaign (or her career). At the Republican National Convention, vendors sold buttons calling Clinton a "bitch," and top Republican officials have routinely commented on her appearance, demeanor and attitude during speeches. In a partial attempt to combat the sexism of the campaign and reclaim the word for feminists, Bitch Magazine co-founder Andi Zeisler published a column in the New York Times calling Clinton "the bitch America needs."

Clinton is perceived "as an interloper who challenges or threatens masculinity, entitlement and a status-quo worldview; she’s the scandal magnet who can seem as heartless and venal as any old-boy’s-club member. Worst of all, she’s the woman who accepts that she will be disliked and carries on anyway," Zeisler wrote.

Flying Lotus added later that he was "just kidding. I'm going to vote for her ass anyway."