It's no secret that Toronto is a hot bed for new music discovery in 2016, and the latest heat to come out of the city comes from the new group, EMP, which is made up of Eestbound, Milly Manson, and Pree. On Thursday, they debut their official new single, "Rebellion," which is a funky jam over some spacy production that features both stellar verses and a catchy hook. While you surely know Eestbound's name as the producer of Travi$ Scott's hit "Antidote," his new work with Milly Manson and Pree as EMP is an exciting step forward for everyone involved.

"We love to let the music do the talking... the message will resonate with people on the same wave," Eestbound told Complex via email. "Rebellion" is a snapshot of where we are in our lives right now and how we're not going to let anyone tell us what we can and what we can't do. We want it our way, we want more, in every aspect, and we're out to get it." With a diverse outlook and the music to back it up, EMP is sure to make a splash in the industry right away. "That we're in our own lane doing our own shit. We have our own identity and we want people to listen to us and be reminded that no one is you, so use that power and do some great shit," Pree explained.

You can stream "Rebellion" in full below and stay tuned for much more from EMP in the very near future. "We're rebelling against the norm, against the people who say 'you can't do that.' We don't buy into that shit," Milly Manson said. "We want everyone that listens to us to feel that connection and know we're on this ride together, from rags to riches. Reaching for greatness. It's bigger than just us three... everyone can relate."