Just a few days after his tour bus was robbed of $3 million of jewelry, Drake is already trying to put the past behind him. "Nobody robbed me," he twice said to a paparazzi videographer when asked how he felt about the jewelry heist.

This is technically accurate, since the jewelry was all owned by his DJ Future the Prince, but obviously the videographer was referring to the whole incident happening on his tour and tour bus. Still, Drake seemed pretty eager to dodge questions about the whole incident, understandable after he was seen getting quite heated backstage when learning what had transpired.

Arizona police arrested Travion King, a homeless man, at Arizona State University later on Wednesday after he was found on campus in possession of the missing jewelry. King had previously worked at Talking Stick Arena, where the Drake concert had taken place, which is likely how he had the knowledge to commit the robbery.

This isn't the only bizarre denial surrounding Drake recently. On Wednesday, Drake's father Dennis Graham repeatedly told paparazzi that Drake and Rihanna were not in a relationship and were just friends. This comes despite Drake professing his love to her on stage at the VMAs,  later kissing on stage at the Summer Sixteen Tour, and even sporting matching shark tattoos in the days after the VMAs.

Whatever Drake is thinking, it's clear that he wasn't happy about the theft and he's trying to put it out of mind. We'll have to see how the denial strategy works out for him.