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They might not want DJ Khaled to win, but they definitely want him to fall over. In a hilarious video that just surfaced Wednesday, DJ Khaled can be seen in his typical position: getting his Snapchat on while onstage. Unfortunately for him, this time things didn't work out so great.


The hitmaker is seen walking backwards filming on his phone when he accidentally takes a tumble. Khaled appears to trip over something unseen, most likely a wire or some other type of stage equipment, before careening backwards. He ends up on top of a speaker before pulling himself back up and recovering pretty admirably. Still, the video is pretty hilarious. Of course, we all know that Khaled is the best at Snapchat and dedicated to get the best snaps out, even if that means taking a tumble in the process. Even while falling, Khaled managed to never play himself and keep it cool. 

You can watch the entire video above. Send some blessings DJ Khaled's way today, his sore back is sure to need them.