The best electronic music producers and DJs have an uncanny ability to tap into other markets and elevate their sound to the next level. One example of that is the Chicago-born, NYC/Miami-based Brenmar, who's had a string of wins blending the worlds of rap and R&B into his club-ready anthems. His latest? "Like a Boss," a new anthem for Fool's Gold that features none other than 2$ Fabo, one of the more colorful members of D4L.

On the track, Fabo's on full display, adding the personality and character that made him a Bankhead legend right on Front Street. Brenmar says he goes to Atlanta "to work and vibe every few months," and one day his homey Blkmorris "casually asked me if I wanted to get in the studio with 2$ Fabo." Being a fan of their smash hit "Laffy Taffy," Brenmar was feeling it, considering Fabo's pedigree in the Atlanta music scene. As Brenmar tells it, they "linked up in the studio the next day," with Fabo freestyling everything. The beat is "a nod to those mid-2000s" sounds, "but also very now and current."

On "Like a Boss," Fabo touches down like a MF'ing boss. For a freestyle, you can tell that a lot of these hypnotic lyrics just come easy to Fabo. He gets right into the pocket of the rubber band bounce of Brenmar's track, breathing new life into a beat that feels like an updated snap anthem made with the clubs in mind.

"Like a Boss" is available on Friday, Sept. 23, and to celebrate, Brenmar will be touching down on Complex's Facebook page for a special Facebook Live session. The "Like a Boss" release party goes down on Saturday, Sept. 24 at Elvis Guesthouse in NYC (tickets are available right now). Stream the full single below, and get info on the Facebook Live session and the release party down bottom.

Brenmar Complex Facebook Live Flyer