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Everyone wants the moment that they ask or are asked to get married to be special. Your proposal lives on in your memory across your entire life and you really only get one shot to get it right. During a recent stop of Beyoncé's Formation Tour, one of her singers received a proposal of a lifetime courtesy of a major assist from Bey herself.


Midway through performing "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" - the absolute, indisputably perfect song to match this moment - Beyoncé halts the song to bring out choreographer and the Formation Tour creative director John Silver onto the stage. She hands him the microphone and gives him the spotlight. From there, he shouts out his hometown and then goes over to embrace dance captain Ashley Everett.

“She’s my queen, so I feel like it’s only right to come out here in my hometown," he said shortly before dropping to one knee and popping the question. She said yes of course. Following a short celebration, Beyoncé playfully remarked: "Now let’s see you do the choreography after that.”

After the face, Everett took to Instagram to share her joy with the world. 

If you didn't happen to make it to St. Louis last night, you can relieve the moment in the video above.