For years, amateur sleuths and professional investigators alike have tried and seemingly failed to figure out the real identity of the world-famous graffiti artist known as Banksy. Multiple theories have been formed, but none have yet to be confirmed. Recently, a new one came to light that might be our favorite yet.

Craig Williams, a 31-year-old journalism grad student, has presented to the world his belief that Banksy is in fact Robert Del Naja, better known as 3D, the lead singer of the group Massive Attack. Banksy is actually said to be a fan of the band and offered this response when asked if he's copied other well known graffiti artist Blek le Rat: "No, I copied 3D from Massive Attack. He can actually draw."

Williams came to his conclusion while trying to find any sort of discernable pattern in the times when Banksy's work surfaces in public. What he noticed was that the artist has an interesting habit of only debuting new pieces while Massive Attack is off the road and on hiatus. 

Since his theory has broken out into the mainstream, Williams has actually backed off it a bit. “I’m pretty annoyed at how this has come out as me basically saying that it’s 3D,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald. “I wanted to focus more on the idea that it’s a group of artists who share common themes, mirroring the idea suggested in Shakespeare scholarship circles—that such a large body of work was done by many hands rather than one.”

What do you think? Is 3D Banksy? Is Banksy even one person?