It's been five years since, to quote an accurate tweet-review, the rap game's Hercules and Zeus came together for the joint album against which all subsequent MC collabs will be measured. Watch the Throne gave us a Spike Jonze Batmobile Maybach, Jay Z inexplicably bodying dubstep beats, "Sunglasses and Advil/Last night was mad real," and a song so ridiculously fire that night after night audiences demanded a growing number of encore performances. And that's just the abridged version of the album's lasting impact and entertainment value. Half a decade later, we can all agree the album is a classic—and anyone who can't see the light is simply lost forever—but deciding which song among the 16 songs (12 on the regular edition, plus four bonus) isn't an easy task.

Is it the jovial bro stunt-fest back-and-forth "Otis" or its more mean-mugged companion, "Gotta Have It?" The ubiquitous hit, "Niggas in Paris," or the speaker-shattering "Who Gon Stop Me?" Maybe you have a soft spot for the album's more underrated jams like "That's My Bitch" or "Illest Motherfucker Alive?" Maybe you're the one human being who would say "Lift Off?"

In honor of Throne Day, we've compiled a light quiz to get to the bottom of this. Vote now or forever hold your peace. Which one is, hands down, the best track on Watch the Throne?