Being a star is tough sometimes. Sure, you get the comfort of millions of dollars to go home to, but the fans really never leave you alone. Nobody knows this better than Jay Z and Beyoncé, and one of their recent run-ins put that relationship on full display. TMZ captured a video of a fan getting a little too close to Bey, trying to snap an unwanted selfie with the star as she was trying to get into her limo. Naturally, her husband wasn't here for the rude behavior at all, and immediately sprung into action to save her from the pestering super-fan.


In the video, Jay can be seen shoving the fan out of the way after the selfie addict gets too close to his wife. His security steps in afterwards to deal with the situation, but it's always good to note that despite his millions, Jay Z still isn't one to be messed with. The fan is quickly dealt with by security forces, and Jay and Bey get into their car with no problem. Still, it's an interesting reminder that the life of a celebrity is—as Justin Bieber so eloquently put it recently—not so far removed from that of a "zoo animal," with people gawking at you and snapping pictures at all times whether you want it or not. Sounds like a blast.

You can check out the video of the incident above to watch Jay Z run interference for his wife.