Fresh off the release of his latest project There's Alot Going On and a politically charged Lollapalooza setVic Mensa is opening up about a life altering acid trip that he mentions on the the title track. "I did acid in the studio one day and almost killed myself," he raps on the cut, which is actually a true story. According to Vic, the incident went down at a time when both his popularity and drug use were simultaneously on the rise.

"I was in a point of time since probably 2013 where I jumped from drug to drug as, like, a creative crutch," Vic explained when speaking with the Phoenix New Times. "It was really like a handicap, but I got to a point where I just felt like I needed drugs to write, to be creative, and thought it was psychedelic drugs." That particular night, Vic was in the studio with some friends when they starting doing acid. "Somehow things just took a really negative turn. I just felt really low and at the bottom of it, and I was on the ground trying to sink into the floor. Then I went outside and I went to my car. It was near Halloween and I had this toy pistol in my trunk, it was part of my costume. And I'm just glad it wasn't a real pistol. I was just thinking about bridges and all that suicidal shit."

The trip didn't end for Vic that night, but lingered in his consciousness for a while afterwards. "It scarred me for a while. I was definitely dealing with that bad trip for at least a year." Fortunately, Vic did get past everything and noted his state of mind has elevated since that dark place it was once at.

The conversation then shifted to his thoughts on Kanye West cutting his verse from "Wolves" when The Life of Pablo first came out, although he is now back on the song and in the video. "I thought it was wack. I just didn't think the song was as good. Everybody told him he was tweaking with that. But I just talked to 'Ye recently, and that's big bro. He's also one of my biggest influences." He's also been on the road with Joey Purp and noted they are definitely plotting some kind of collaborative project together in the future. We can't wait for that. You can read the rest of Vic's interview here.