Tyga is being called out for abandoning his illegal pet tiger. After constantly showing off the exotic animal on Instagram a couple years ago, the rapper was informed that owning a pet tiger and keeping it inside his house was against the law. So, what did he do? He dodged the charges by sending the animal to a nonprofit sanctuary. And he apparently never looked back.

According to TMZ, the Lions, Tigers & Bears rescue organization claims caring for the 500-pound tiger has proven to be a financial burden, as food, vet care, and general maintenance can cost up to $10,000 a year. The series of expensive bills were expected, but he staff claims Tyga’s abandonment was not.

Staff members at the rescue center said Tyga has not thanked the facility in any way, nor has he given any money to care for the animal he seemingly cherished. It does come as somewhat of a surprise considering Tyga’s fame and millionaire status. But he’s apparently taking the "out of sight, out of mind" stance.

Bobbi Brink, the founder and director of Lions, Tigers & Bears, said the facility relies on public donations in order to operate and effectively care for the animals.

Law enforcement officials told TMZ Tyga was able to avoid misdemeanor charges because he relocated the tiger, named Maverick, before police arrived.