Ty Dolla $ign recently sat down with the Well Rounded crew to talk about his upcoming project, Campaign, appearing in this year’s Culture Clash with the Taylor Gang crew, plus much more.

They begin talking about Campaign, which Ty originally planned to be the soundtrack of the summer but now said it will be “the soundtrack of the campaign.” The first single “No Justice” introduced the political theme of the project, which is also apparent in the music video. Ty told the crew they chose to make a cell phone video, released directly on Instagram, as a nod to how so many people receive their news through social media today. When asked more about Campaign and the number of tracks on the album, which is now 16, Ty said, “It’s not too long, it’s perfect.”

The crew then went on to talk about the forthcoming Tupac Shakur biopic, All Eyez on Me, since Ty is a huge Tupac fan, and then, of course, Ty’s appearance on the much-anticipated Suicide Squad soundtrack. Well Rounded members also heard about the eclectic group of artists Ty would love to collaborate with—John Mayer, Missy Elliott, and more, are all included. And finally, Dolla $ign spoke all about performing in this year’s Culture Clash at London’s O2 Arena. From Wiz Khalifa throwing shots at Popcaan to battles even continuing backstage, the Clash definitely sounded intense.

So for the full conversation between Ty Dolla $ign and the Well Rounded crew check out the video above.