UPDATED 6:25 PM: The internet is currently losing it over a new website with a domain that combines the names of Drake and Rihanna to make DrakeRihanna.com. While everyone is very excited, a source close to the situation told Complex that the site was indeed fake. 

Hours after the website set social media ablaze, the page's countdown was replaced with a video featuring Joanne the Scammer, the alter ego of comedian Branden Miller​.

"You know, a lot of speculation around this website, as it should, I mean it's for Drake and Rihanna," Joanne tells the camera. "But really, really it isn't. I made this goddamn account."

According to Select All, the hoax was orchestrated with the comedy website Super Deluxe​. You have to hand it to them for their clever timing, as Drake and Rihanna have been the talk to the internet after Drizzy's touching speech for RiRi during the VMAs on Sunday. Not to mention, there's that billboard that Drake recently put up to celebrate Rihanna and all of her success. All of this together led fans to believe that something big like a collaborative album was coming from the two. Sorry to disappoint. Still, the Twitter reactions are quite hilarious, even with the website being fake.