Toronto rapper Tory Lanez has met his fair share of controversy since remixing Drake's song "Controlla," in what was widely perceived to be a dig at his city's biggest star. Last month, Drake took a direct shot back at Lanez while on tour, calling out "all you boys doing fake 'Controlla's." 

In an attempt to clear the air, Lanez visited Sway in the Morning on Monday. He balked at talking about Drake, and claimed that "I don't have no personal problems with nobody." However, he peppered his conversation with offhand remarks that could easily be read as subliminal shots at Drizzy. 

"We're here to unify," he said, speaking of his "New Toronto" movement. "Some of us just don't want to be unified." Later in the interview, he pointedly said, "I'm not a singer. I'm not an r&b singer. I'm an artist"—leaving the contrast between "singer" and "artist" unspoken but heavily implied.

Lanez addressed the issues around his "Controlla" remix directly during the conversation. 

“I just like that song. That’s all it was. I’m not a hater. I’ve expressed this before. I’ve never been hater. We like you. We just want to be #1. Is there a problem with that? Can I be the best? Can y’all watch me be great? Will y’all allow me to do that?” 

The entire interview, including Lanez freestyling over Bryson Tiller's "Sorry Not Sorry" and, yes, a Drake song ("4PM In Calabasas"), can be seen above. The rapping begins at the 19:40 mark of the clip.