The past couple of months has seen L.A. rapper The Game settling a lot of old feuds. In July, he and Young Thug seemed to put their acrimonious past behind them with the latter sending The Game's son a birthday shout-out. More incredible than that, The Game was recently spotted out with his longtime rival 50 Cent at at the Ace of Diamonds strip club just a couple of weeks back. With so many old wounds repaired, it seems as if he's decided to rip open some new ones with his latest track "Sauce."

Posted to his Soundcloud page Friday, "Sauce" comes in hot with a guest feature from everyone's favorite motivational force, DJ Khaled. The song itself is marked by a cranked-to-eleven guitar part playing some Middle Eastern-flavored riff underneath. Up top, The Game spits biting lines sure to raise a few eyebrows. 

The Game spends most of the first verse big-upping himself and airing out his accolades before turning his attention to The Source Magazine and the Grammys, which he claims in the second verse didn't pay him enough respect. "Max B is the wave god, I’m with the sauce though / Never had five mics in my life, so f--k The Source, ho,” he raps. “Far as awards go, they gave away my Grammy / Gave it to Missy, I was too gangsta and they ain’t understand me.”

It only gets stickier from there. Later in the song he raps, "I used to f--k bitches that Usher Raymond passed off / Then I f--ked three Kardashians, hold that thought.” You gotta know Kim's husband Kanye West is going to feel some type of way about that line.

Listen to the "Sauce" below.