Leaks happen all the time, all over the internet. It's just the nature of doing business in today's digital environment. However, far less common these days is the physical album leak, which is what happened this week when Target prematurely dropped French Montana's upcoming project MC4

Recently, French was forced to delay the release of MC4 due to some issue he had on the legal end. He wrote on Twitter, "Due to some sample clearances that are still being worked out, I have to move the album release date." He added, "I want to apologize to my fans that are waiting, I want to make sure the album is something special."

I want to apologize to my fans that are waiting, I want to make sure the album is something special. - FM #MC4

— French Montana (@FrencHMonTanA) August 16, 2016

Some folks at Target seemingly weren't aware that French pushed back the release date. Inexplicably, a few copies of MC4 ended up on their shelves. A Twitter user name Matt Albin spotted the album and later relayed his story.

I went to Target today & they are selling @FrencHMonTanA's #MC4 despite pushback https://t.co/3GVTMI9e48 pic.twitter.com/WDW1LwKAJU

— matt albin (@malbin34) August 19, 2016

"I went to a Target to purchase Tory Lanez' new album 'I Told You' and sitting right next to the album was 'MC4,'" he wrote in a blog post. "I went to the self-checkout and had to receive customer assistance. The employee that came to fix the issue knew the album was pushed back and didn’t allow me to purchase it. After the fact, I contacted another Target employee that I know and he revealed that it is possible to purchase the album despite the pushback. It just depends on the employee you are dealing with."

If you're hoping to catch an early listen of French's latest project, it might not hurt to swing by your nearest Target. You never know...