Rick Ross hasn't spoken to Drake since his beef with Rozay's close friend and collaborator, Meek Mill, first started. Speaking on the pair's longstanding beef with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on the Drink Champs podcast, Ross stood by his claim that Meek hasn't lost to anybody, despite some public opinion that the Philadelphia native took an L in the beef. 

"Ni**a aint lose to nobody. Y'all better study the game and how the game goes," Rozay said before taking a slight shot at Drake's finances. "Shit, we all rich niggas. I know what Meek Mill getting. Everybody don't know what [Drake's] business like. I don't really know what's really touching the bank account."

Rozay also admitted he's not willing to sit down with Drake to squash the tension because of how everything went down. "You either bring it to the table or you just let it go out of control and see what happens. I always been one of them ni**as. When I first spoke about it on the Breakfast Club, I was speaking in a peaceful tone because that's my way of telling ni**as, 'y'all ni**as need to tighten up,' so ni**as can get it right," he explained. "Because if you assuming a ni**a respects whoever your big homie is, you're wrong."

This isn't the first time Ross has backed up Meek. He previously touched on the Drake and Meek Mill beef with Tim Westwood, where he also stated that Meek has definitely not had a bad year. "Nah a hard year is getting knocked off. Getting hit with an AK. Your mama sprinkling roses on your casket."

However, he now has some new feelings in the the wake of Drake's recent tour stop in Philly, where he through some major shots at Meek, seemingly starting up the whole beef again. If it continues, Rozay might just step in himself because he's always stood up for the people he considers family. "If it's gotta go there man, Renzel gonna jump off the porch on your ass." Listen to everything he had to say in the interview above.