One year ago this week Toronto rapper Redway died in a car crash. While he's no longer with us, his presence is still felt in the city through his music, with his posthumous track "40 Lower River" showcasing how much of a talent he was.

"40 Lower River" receives the proper visual treatment Wednesday. It was shot by Zac Facts and features a grungy feel that connects with Redway's lyricism, who shows up throughout in tribute. It also includes a BLVD logo that Redway was keen on sharing before his untimely passing.

Not only that, but there are a handful of krumpers in the video "to show the emotion in Redway's lyrics as krumping is a dance form that comes from true emotion." Shout-out to the dancers OG, Rhino, and SMG of North Buck, who do this performance justice.

Check out the video for "40 Lower River" above and grab the single on iTunes.