Not long into their nascent career and Danish duo Phlake—which consists of producer Joanathan Elkær and singer/songwriter Mads Bo—have already seen their first two singles ("Pregnant" and "So Faded", preceding the Slush Hours album) already go platinum in Denmark. Now, with their sights set on the UK, they're preparing to drop the latest single from Slush Hours, "Moldavia", with two London shows to follow. Bringing together Elkær's knack for cinematic R&B production with Mads Bo's soaring, bittersweet vocals makes for a natural fit. What's more is the roles played by both vocals and beats sit on an equal level, both as prominent and important as each other, and interacting perfectly. 

Phlake will play back-to-back London shows at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on Sept. 22 and Club NME @ KOKO on Sept. 23.